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  • Connect Through Engaging Conversation

    Life gets busy, sports, activities and projects can take up your family time. Highs & Lows is a meaningful and easy way to connect with your family members daily through intentional conversations. Our children love to share their highs and lows. Answering the question of the day became the highlight each evening as our family would laugh and share creativity as we answer each unique question. 

  • Finding Joy By Sharing Their Highs

    As you ask your family members their high of each day they will begin looking for the highs all around them. Each night as we did this with our children they would recount their day and all of the highs that they found. It amazed us at how many highs they could find in one day. Looking for their high each day and finding joy in the small things gave them a positive outlook daily and helped them see the blessing they have in their lives. 

  • Finding Gratitude By Sharing Their Lows

    As we would ask our children their Low of the day they would often struggle to find a low of the day. We would have fun answers like my hot dog fell on the ground at lunch. As our children would discuss their low of the day, they would often reflect on how blessed they were in their life. They would share struggles friends may be having or situations they saw. Their ability to find the blessing they had in their life increased their gratitude for what they had and for their family. 

  • Helping Your Children Navigate Trials By Sharing The Lows

    ild alone later. all By sharing the lows you will get insight into your family members day. Sharing a struggle or a hard moment of the day can be difficult for people to do. By asking this simple question your family members can share a low they may have had. This can open the discussion on ways you can help support and navigate them through this time with the whole family or it allows you as a parent to know that you need to to check in and talk with your child alone later. 

  • Strengthen Family Relationship

    As our children shared their highs and lows their siblings were able to be more aware of the joys or struggles that each was experiencing . They learned compassion and empathy for each other. We often find them talking to their sibling after dinner talking about a problem that they  may be having. We find them being excited for their sibling as they celebrate with them on a success they maybe celebrating.

  • Opening Communication With Your Teens

     The hidden treasure we found while using our Highs & Lows Journals was keeping communication open with our teens.  Our children became so use to sharing their highs & lows with us that it became natural for them to share their feelings. As we asked these questions every night they would share freely with us what was happening in their live and their friends lives. Keeping this communication was esintail as they navigated through their teen years. 

Start a new tradition with your family.

The Highs & Lows Journal is a family tradition that will be treasured in your home for generations. This journal will record your family's highlights and thoughts as they answer their Highs and Lows of the day.

By asking your family members their Highs & Lows you will open meaningful and engaging conversations.

The Highs & Lows was developed to Celebrate The Highs And Strengthen The Lows. 

Highs & lows even gets the quietest teenager to open up and share about their day.


Creating Memories Through Conversation and Imagination With The Question Of The Day

The Question of the day was our children's highlight. After asking your family their Highs & Lows watch their faces light up as you ask them a new question each day.  

From lighthearted questions like, "What is your superhero name?" to, "If you could travel  back in time, who is the one person you would like to meet?"

These questions will open up hours of conversations and leave the whole table laughing and learning about each other.  

From Our Customers

Mae Cee-

"Oh my goodness! This is wonderful. Every family needs this. Seriously awesome."


"I am in love with this journal. My kids are begging me to make the next entry. It has turned dinnertime into a new level of conversation. I never knew my kids had so much to say."


"We have been using the Highs & Lows Journal and we are loving it. Even my 17 year old son is participating. My kids love the question part. I am amazed at how one question keeps our family talking and helps my kids use their imagination. Thank you for this journal, we love it!"

About Us

Hello, my name is Kati. I am a Mother and a Cana.  That is the name my grandchildren call me. Being a Mom and Cana are some of the most important things to me. 

When my children were younger we started playing a game that my kids called Highs & Lows. We enjoyed listening to each others Highs and Lows and laughed for hours at the unique and creative answer our children had to the Question Of The Day. The answers were so fun, creative and meaningful that I started recording their answers in a spiral notebook.

As my children grew older they too loved looking back at the memories that were recorded in our Highs & Lows notebook. Three of our four children are now married and they have started families of their own. I wanted my children to have a Highs & Lows Journal they could use with their own children. That is how the Highs & Lows Journal was born. 

Creating Family Traditions has been a dream of mine. We believe the greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories. We are excited to produce family tradition products that are meaningful and easy for families to use. 
Thank you for supporting our business. We look forward to working with you for years to come.


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